WIndow Cleaning

Q) How often do you clean my windows?

A) For my residential clients I clean at either 4, 6 or 8 weekly intervals. I also offer one off cleans. My commercial clients cleans are based on their requirements

Q) Do I need to be at home when you clean my windows?

A) No - If I have your permission to access your property I am able to clean when you are not at home. Additionally, I will always leave a card to inform you that I have been and cleaned your windows.

Q) Do you clean the window frames and sills?

A) Yes - When I clean your windows I will always clean your frames and sills as well. This ensures that I give you the best clean possible each and every time I clean.

Q) What method do you use to clean my windows?

A) I use a mixture of our pure water fed pole system and traditional cleaning methods.

Q) How does the water fed pole work?

A) Water-Fed Pole Systems allow windows to be cleaned very well by taking off dirt with a soft bristled brush while at the same time rinsing off the dirt with pure water. The window is then left to dry and you will notice that the windows won’t have a streak on them thanks to the purified water process

Q) What happens if I am not in to pay you on the day?

A) I take cash which can be left some where on your property or Paypal and Direct debit. Which ever suits you.

Driveway/ Patio Cleaning

Q) How long will it take to clean my drive?
A) It is hard to say as all drives are different sizes and we give all drives 4 different types of process of cleaning but almost all drives are cleaned in a single day, This depends on the size of the area to be cleaned. A typical 2 car drive should take around 2-3 hours to clean. A short re-visit will be required to complete the re-sanding process if this is required.

Q) Can oil stains be removed?
A) Not all oil stains can be removed, It all depends on how long the stain has been there and on what surface, we may have to apply a poultice to the area to draw out as much of the stain as possible, some shadowing of the stain may remain.

Q) Do you treat the weed infested areas?
A) Yes. If necessary we will pre treat areas with a fungicidal wash at least 2 days before the cleaning takes place. This will kill the algae, lichen or moss and help prevent it from returning.

Q) Will the driveway get damaged by the cleaning process?
A) No, with the use of professional equipment and adjustments on water pressure we can assure no damage will occur to your driveway, we will also advise you when the area is inspected weather it could become an issue.

Q) Can I walk or drive on an area after it has been cleaned?
A) Yes after the driveway has been cleaned you can walk on it straightaway.

Q) Can I walk on the drive after it has been sealed?
A) No you must not walk on the drive for at least 4 hours after the driveway has been sealed and you must not drive in it for at least 24 hours or even longer if possible.

Q) What happens to the kiln dried sand in between the joints of the block paving?
A) During the cleaning process the sand will become displaced and will need to be replaced once the area is completely dry, we remove the sand because weeds like to grow in them.

Q) Do I need to be present when the cleaning takes place?
A) No, as long as we have access to a water supply you do not need to be present.